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This page will contain different updates and items that I am wanting to share.

They will be listed here. (click to see the clips or video if underlined)

Was interviewed and featured on FOX with Bob Buckley 5-8-13

Was inducted into the Joy Fit Club and was on the TODAY show!!! 4-15-13

Was interviewed and featured on WXII with Kimberly Vanscoy 4-15-13

Got Published/Winston Salem Journal 4-11-13

June 2013 Had first excess skin Surgery (Lower belly and arms)


April 2015 Had my second skin surgery (Thighs)


April 2016 Had my third surgery (bra line)

About Me:

Things u need to know to sum me up:
I do not like liars
I do not like fake people that run from the truth
I do not like people that don't appreciate what they have
I do not like rude people
I do not like to lose or quit
I will do anything for those I love even when they don't deserve it
I will let people use me because that's who I am but be careful of using that advantage because what goes around comes around- working on this!
I refuse to change for anyone but me!!!
I am a open book so get at me :)


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