2018 Transformation Calendar


Purchase your 2018 Tranformation Calendar and help support my 4th and final excess skin removal surgery!


Because I was delayed in getting them ready by 1-1-18 (Let's just say I worked REALLY hard on this haha)I have included a Jan 2019 month printout feat. a booty and legs workout!!!

What's included

You not only get the full 2018 year calender but inside it includes many tools AND extras like workout months, Picture Keys for some of the poses and more!

Click below for more details on whats inside!

Welcome To My World

My name is Candice Williams. And I am addicted to food!

I am 32 Years old. I at my largest weighed 460 lbs. On 2-23-2013 I hit my (at that time) goal of 180 lbs. I have lost 260+ lbs. all natural with the use of the weight watchers program and by working out and incorporating fitness into my DAILY life. I
 work daily on battling depression and repairing the damage that being almost 500lbs can do to you self esteem and confidence.  Thankfully with fitness/Yoga/Meditation I have ceased cutting and self harm which I used to do often. 

I have not had any surgery to lose the weight however I have had 3 excess skin removal surgeries and have my final planned for 2018.  If you are interested in reviewing my fundraiser please see the link below.


 Please check out my fundraiser!!!!!!!




I am currently a holder of 2 associate degrees. One in Business and the other Healthcare Management. I also am pursuing my bachelors in English as well; I have three years under the belt for that one and have sense took a break from that degree as fitness has slowly replaced my passion of writing. 


I work FULL-TIME as well. I currently work 40 hours a week at a major insurance company but then after my FT job I teach at Fulton Family YMCA.  I teach Body Pump, Body Flow, and Yoga several times throughout the week!  I LOVE IT!  So please make sure you keep an eye out for my schedule! My next goal in terms of fitness teaching and certification is Hot Yoga!  So Stay Tuned!!!







This website is a continued work in progress so I appreciate all of you that support me and have stuck by me from day one!  Make sure to leave me a comment below :) THANK YOU!  


New email is contact@unendingbattle.com 




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